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History & Philosophy

Year 2003

Laboratories were established. People and consumers were well aware of titanium alloy recently, and products of that were getting popular! Titanium metals includevpure titanium,α+β and β alloys etc. which could be physica -lly and chemically processed in wire drawing process into new products. Our team was devoted to the manufac -turing process development for wire drawing technology and surface acid pickling of titaniumalloy wire rod.

Year 2004


Cooperated with NEWMAN-TECH CORP. T. Numasawa Managing Director in Japan to develop acid pickling tech -nology for titanium alloys and to make manufacture standards of mechanical wire drawing by precise calculation for the strength, toughness and hardness of wire diameter ratio. Thermal process and outstanding properties of machine ability between hot and cold of titanium alloys were also developed. Besides, the developme nt included surface processing detergents for the products after heat treatment.

Year 2005

The new company, “Ti COLOR ALLOY METALS COMPANY.” was formally established It has been successfully developed that pure titanium &β alloys wires can be used toDirectly cold heading screws, nuts,eye glasses scre -ws, electronic fine screws, spring fastenings, model planes, bike /motor / auto hex socket cap screws, Titanium alloywire for production of hocks,hanger and accessories for chemical engineering, electroplating equipment.,tit -anium heat treatment and anode coloring process are also developed.

Year 2006

Participated in the 2006 Taipei International Cycle Show and The First Taiwan International Motorcycle Indus -trial Show in 2006.
R&D of spring parts for motorcycle and bicycle. Clutch spring, valve, valve cap, valve spring for motorcycle Model 100 and Model 125. R&D of wiring material for hand tool (socket hex wrench).
R&D of groceries and fashionable ornaments.

Year 2007

Participate in the Taipei International Cycle Show & Taiwan International Motorcycle Indus -trial Show
Imports Japan Ti6-4 (ELI) medical machinable materials used artificial joints, bones, hands, feet, teeth roots, and so on. Product surface treatment, anodized and raw material supply.
Senior bicycle front fork shock absorber spring
Research and development of titanium alloy 5.5mm~1.0mm Hexagon line (bar)
Developed auto alloy wheel rim of layer 2 and layer 3 using titanium alloy cold-drill screws, as well as research and development of corrosion resistance, high strength titanium alloy screws, suitable for use in hot springs, beach construction, ship-building structures, chemical plant ... And so on.

Year 2008

Participate in the Taipei International Cycle Show
Notebooks research of titanium alloy parts, titanium characteristics of high temperature resistance, not magnetic, prevention of electromagnetic waves, light-weight and more advantage is ideal for use in portable computers.
Titanium screws about the number of each NB 150pcs, cold titanium screws ranging over more than 20 kinds of specifications (M1.2~M3), in which the 8~9 specifications are difficult products, our team have been able to overcome difficulties through production, the future, this product not only for NB, can also be used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other high-tech new products.
Other research and development of anode for alkaline hair color processing technology, has been safely used in health care, such as artificial bones, roots, and so on.

Year 2009


Participation in Taipei International Cycle Show

Development of β titanium alloy thread Φ0.6mm~1.2mm to be used in precision electronic equipment to replace stainless spring

OEM production of renowned bio-medical titanium alloy bone nail and tooth root with anode coloring


Year 2010


Participation in Taipei International Cycle Show

R&D of automobile parts and accessories


Year 2011


Participation in Taipei International Cycle Show

R&D of β titanium alloy spring with thermal treatment and with length above 300 mm.