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Titanium alloy material characteristics, functions and applications:

It is engineering materials applied in the electrical, magnetic, chemical, optical, thermal fields.

1. Superior physical property: Low density, lightweight, low coefficient of thermal expansion,impermeability,high electrical resistance, low thermal conductivity.
2. Mechanical property: High thermal resistance, low metallic fatigue, high toughness,high specific strength.
3. Chemical property: Corrosion resistance, creep resistance, anti-oxidation, non-toxicity, anti-bacteria.

Titanium alloy products:

1. Medical Materials: artificial joint/bone, artificial limb/implanted tooth root, etc.
2. Industrial Application: Bicycle/motorcycle/automobile/screws, nuts, spring、hand tool、model Airplane and all kinds of delicate components and accessories.
3. Energy/chemistry/petrochemical industry/marine/aerospace/the industrial heat.
4. Civil Industry: Glasses frame/fishing gear/sports gear/all main parts and accessories for mountain climbing. /cutlery /accouterment.