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Machinery Equipments

General Situations of Raw Material Wire Drawing and Machinery Equipments

‧Wire drawing process:

During wire drawing, high pressure and heat are generated when a Ti-Wire Rod deforms along the plane of dies, and there is a plastic processing in the strict condition of revealing a fresh surface.

‧Pure titanium Wire drawing and cold heading screws:

α-titanium alloy,β-titanium alloy wire products:0.8mm~10.0mm coil or straight wire.

Due to the lack of capability in Taiwan, all titanium alloy drawing wire products are imported from foreign coun tries.In addition,he sizes of imported products are mostly not of the same specs,delivery lead-time is long, and d ifficult to order in small amount of quantities,resulting in unnecessary accumulation of wires and increase in pro duction cost.All these are the main reasons for our company to invest in the field of wire drawing process.Throug h several years of hard work in the R&D of α pure titanium and β titanium alloy wire drawing technology based on the foundation of alloy wire drawing technology for the past tens of years and joint development with Newman Te-ch Corp of Japan,we are able to overcome all kinds of difficulties through repetitive experiments from acid cleani-ng, chemical processing to the wire drawing process of titanium alloy wire rod. The process also includes die le-ad drawing speed,vacuum furnace heat treatment,finished product heat treatment, etc.Now we are able to me et all kinds of customer's requirements (0.8mm~10.0mm) in the production of α pure titanium and β titanium alloy wire drawing products.

At the same time of reducing weight using titanium alloy, we also have prepared all kinds of special titanium alloy wire products with special standard in order to meet the requirement of the industry.We are a professional titanium alloy wire product manufacturer that could provide products of titanium series material and serve the ne-eds of the industry.

The anti-corrosive ability of titanium alloy is superior over stainless steel and has become the important indicator in reducing the weight of parts.The material has higher specific strength (ratio of tensile strength and density) than iron and aluminum. Titanium wire products are very suitable for the use in electronics,eye glas-s,highclass bicycle,motorcycle,automobile spare parts or electroplating equipment (hanger hook, screw,and nut,etc.).

‧Surface treatment and acid pickling operation before drawing wire:

Step 1:
Raw material (wire rod) after mechanically peeling to keep the glossy surface.

Step 2:
The oily contamination and greased wire surface should be removed. Wash with water after defatting and washing with alkali or soap.

Step 3:
Acid pickling: First, use the mixed aqueous solution of TC-A11 &B12 acidic solution mixed with a preprocessing agent at room temperature for 10~12 minutes, and then wash with water.

Step 4:
Surface preprocessing: TC-55 is the plastically manufactured chemical coating for titanium metals. It has the properties:
1) Eliminate the friction between titanium metals and a tool and a die.
2) Elongate lives of tools and die.
3) Increase the pulling speed.
4) Reduce the friction of materials.
5) Make the surface smooth and even.
Preparation of surface treatment solution: Use dedicated equipment to test and control.

Step 5:
Lubrication coating process.
TC-77 is a polymeric resin (containing stabilizing agent, lubricating agent, volatile organic solvent, etc).
TC-77 coating treatment agent: Adjust the temperature of the original solution before adding into dedicated tank for soaking(length of time dependent of weather, temperature) and leave to dry.

Step 6:
Wire drawing
1) Select a drawing machine for specific wire diameter with the dry lubricating agent TC-72.
2) Machine ability (Die reduction of area), according it speed and wire diameter ratio are conforming to die wire drawing for every time.
3) If more processing is required to extend the fine wire diameter, bright annealing heat treatment is necessary, and then repeat the operating process from acid pickling → wire drawing.

‧Wire drawing criteria: According to wire type

★Machine model ★Wiring speed ★Wire diameter ★Die type
★Die reduction of area ★Number of dice ★Dry lubricating wire drawing
★Adjusting the technology based on down-stream processing condition